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Are There Vaccines in our Food Supply?

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How to cook a Grassfed Steak

This link will take you to several examples of how to get a tender and flavourful experience every time.

It appears that they all have some easy steps in common:

- The steaks are 1""- 1.25" thick.

- The steak has to be at room temperature at the beginning of cooking.

- The steak should be patted dry.

- Simple seasoning is best.

- The skillet must be very hot.

- Use tongs not a fork.

- Use butter.

- Do not over cook

- Let the steak "rest" for a while to absorb the juices back inside before serving.

Watch a few different chefs to see what you like. I like the iron skillet on the back yard grill for better

heat control and no smoke in the house.



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