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About Camigaem Beef

Our cattle are fed a mixture of grasses, legumes forbs and wildflowers. We graze our cattle during the spring, summer and fall. During the winter we feed dry hay and silage made on our farm. Absolutely no grain or GMO's are fed to our cattle.

In addition, we do not use any pesticides or herbicides on our fields, growth hormones or antibiotics in our cattle in accordance with organic standards.

We raise about 8-10 head to sell throughout the year.

Our Customers Say

 We have great admiration for this wonderful "grass farmer".  After taking a pasture walk on his farm my wife and I were convinced that his grass fed cattle are the healthiest choice for our family. Red believes, and we agree, that if the minerals are made available to the plants they will be available to the cattle and therefore will be available to us.  The Camigaem Farm has everything it takes to keep putting the healthiest beef on our table. Roy and Marianne Norris Litchfield,OH

Hi Red, Hi Gloria, Just finished dinner with grilled burgers from the beef you
shared with us. It was EXCELLENT! Like Dave said, the FLAVOR is SO DIFFERENT and
natural tasting from what we buy at the market. Dave never has more than one
burger at a time, but he was tempted to take another because it was SO GOOD,
Thanks again for your generosity - Will look forward to more of the same when
our quarter is ready this summer. Thanks again!!
 Dave and Cindy Myers Wellington, OH

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