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We sell our beef as:  half of a half, half, or whole animals.  The cost is $3.80 per pound hanging weight.  This does not include processing.  The processing cost will be determined by a local butcher based on your cutting instructions.  They are very helpful and talk you through the beef cutting instructions.  We have included information below that explains the process of purchasing your beef from our farm.  After the meat is packaged a quarter will weigh approximately 80 -120pounds.  The weight depends on the animal.  Each quarter fills up approximately two and a half boxes (9"H x 14"W x 20"L).  Usually you end up with about 1/3 in steaks, 1/3 in roasts, and 1/3 hamburger.  You decide how you would like each cut packaged, (how thick for steaks and how many pounds for each roast and whether you would like your ground in bulk or patties).  Once the hanging weight is established we will call you with the purchase price.  Payment is required before the beef is picked up.

We are interested in providing your family with healthy food and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Visitors to the farm are always welcome!

Dates to Remember:

_____1.  Call the butcher to give them your cutting instructions early. Do not wait until the last minute!   Remember you will be getting approximately 1/3 in hamburger, 1/3 in roasts, 1/3 in steaks.  Normally I recommend getting your burger in #1 lb bulk packs, roasts in 1-2 pound size, and steaks no less than 1" thick,1-2 steaks per pack.  NOTE: You have the option to order boneless steaks at the thickness you desire if you purchase half of a cow.  Quarter beef orders are bone-in, (depending on age), and steaks 1” thick.  If you are interested in the liver, tongue, heart or soup bones coordinate that with Gloria, as you may have to share with another customer.


_____2.  Cattle delivered to a local processor. 


_____3.  We will call you with the hanging weight and the purchase price of your order, (price per pound x hanging weight).  Meat will dry age for about 10 days. 

_____4.  Payment for beef should be sent to: 


             Gloria Doering

             11660 Holshoe Road

             Homerville OH 44235

_____5.  We will call you when the beef is ready to be picked up. A timely pick-up of the meat is appreciated. Beyond a few days the butcher may charge you for storage.


_____6.  You will pay the processing fee to the butcher when you pick up your order. The processing fee is available from the butcher and will consist of a pro-rated butchering fee, a standard processing fee and any charges for special instructions.


What you can expect to pay for ¼ beef.  (Approximately, depending on the animal)

Price/pound:       $3.80

Hanging weight:  x 150 pounds (approx.)


                         $570.00 Paid to Doering by customer.  Meat will not be released until payment is received.

Processing:          $150.00  Paid to processor by customer.  (This does not include special cutting instructions.)

Total cost:           $570.00 + $150.00 = $720.00 for a half of a half. (approximately)

                                                           $1440.00 for a half. (approximately)





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